3 Minutes to Change the World! Falling Walls Forum & Lab Taipei


On May 18, the Falling Walls Forum & Lab Taipei 2023 will be held at the Technology Building of the National Science and Technology Council. The two events are combined for the first time and represent one of the highlights of Taiwans response to the United Nations’ “International Year of Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development (IYBSSD)”.

The Falling Walls Forum on the topic “Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development” is jointly organized by the DAAD Information Center Taipei and the Chemical Society Located in Taipei. Two Taiwanese and two German researchers will present their research to a lay audience in 15-minute presentations.

Speakers at the Falling Walls Forum include Dr. Yu-Ju Chen, a Distinguished Research Fellow at the Institute of Chemistry of Academia Sinica who just won the 2023 Taiwan Outstanding Women in Sciences Award. Dr. Chen will report on the establishment of the multidisciplinary Taiwan Cancer Moonshot Project and its research. Dr. Sophie Nuber, who is currently a Visiting Researcher at National Taiwan Universitys Department of Geosciences, will report on the impact of greenhouse gas emissions on marine ecosystems and coral reefs. Prof. Roland Kirschner from the School of Forestry and Resource Conservation at National Taiwan University explains what can be learned about coastal plants. The CEO of Toplus Energy Corporation, Dr. Ming-Yu Yen, focuses on the ways in which excess hydrogen can be recycled, cleaned and reused.

Falling Walls Labs are popular science slams that are held worldwide for students, young professionals, entrepreneurs, and scientists to present their innovation ideas and research projects in 3-minute lectures. A jury headed by Dr. Jörg Polster, the Director General of the German Institute Taipei and Mr. Chih-Cheng Yeh, the Director General of the Department of International Cooperation & Science Education at the National Science and Technology Council, will select the winner of the Falling Walls Lab in Taiwan.

The winner of the Falling Walls Lab Taipei will represent Taiwan in the global finals and will be given the opportunity to attend the Falling Walls Conference, which takes place annually in November to mark the fall of the Berlin Wall. The travel expenses for the finals will be borne by the DAAD. There is also the opportunity to join the Innovation Week organized by the DAAD and renowned German universities of the TU9 association. The TU Darmstadt is also inviting the Taiwanese winner to a visit. The winners of the final will give a speech on the stage of the Falling Walls conference and receive prize money.

Falling Walls Forum & Lab Taipei invite the general public to visit for free.
Registration until May 15, 2023 at https://forms.gle/LNe7c4z9DeCEvhG5A
Date: Thursday, 18.05.2023
   10:00-12:30 Falling Walls Forum
   13:30-17:00 Falling Walls Lab Taipei
Venue: National Science and Technology Council (Technology Building), 2nd floor, conference room 13

Contact: pr@daad.org.tw

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