Issue 1/2014 is published online


Issue 1/2014

Dear Readers,

Let me first greet you a happy and fruitful new year of 2014. On behalf of the Chinese Chemical Society Located in Taipei (CSLT), I’m happy to announce our society journal—Journal of Chinese Chemical Society (JCCS) is now a complete e-journal after celebrating its 60th anniversary last year and we would like to show our appreciation for the partnership with Wiley-VCH on this account. To complete the celebration of our 60th anniversary, we are presenting a dedicated issue in January this year to show works from some esteemed members of our chemical society; all in mini-review type.

The January 2014 issue is now published online. We encourage all of you download and cite these articles in your future research papers. For more information on this issue, please visit our homepage

I wish you all a successful year on your research and please remember to share some of them in our journal.

Yu Wang
Journal of the Chinese Chemical Society