Tips for Your Poster and Your Presentation


Tips for Your Poster and Your Presentation

How to Prepare Your Poster and Your Presentation?

Engaging Posters and Presentations

Making scientific posters and presentations engaging for an audience can be a challenge. If your main subject matter is basically a big bunch of data then how on earth do you make an exciting story out of what looks to most people like a jumble of numbers and structures?

Realising that people want to hear your story as well as that of your data can go a long way to helping you make that all-important personal connection to your audience. Therefore, starting with posters and moving on to giving talks, this collection of tips aims to get you thinking about the scientific as well as the human aspects of what really goes on at conferences so that you can get maximum impact from your time in the spotlight.

Among many topics in the coming months, I’ll discuss how to choose and target your content effectively, how to use the typical behaviours of conference-goers to your advantage, and how to present yourself as professionally as you present your content. I’ll also give you some practical tips on things like how to get talking to people at conferences and how to impress poster-prize judges.

Check back here each month for the next instalment of your step-by-step guide to mastering the art of giving scientific presentations.

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Author: Richard Threlfall (Editor of Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry)
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