2016-09-04 ~ 2016-09-08
Venice, Italy

CHEMRAWN VII Prize for Green Chemistry - Call for Nominations

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  • 2016-03-17 04:35:29
  • 活動時間:
  • 2016-09-04 ~ 2016-09-08
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  • Venice, Italy
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  • 2016-03-17 ~ 2016-03-25
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IUPAC is now seeking nominations for the 2016 CHEMRAWN VII Prize for Green Chemistry. The CHEMRAWN VII Prize was first announced in August 2008 and since, has been awarded every two years at the IUPAC International Conference on Green Chemistry. The Prize of USD 5000 is granted to a young investigator (less than 45 years of age) from an emerging region who is actively contributing to research in Green Chemistry. The Prize has been awarded to Noureddine Yassaa (Algeria) in 2010, Rashimi Sanghi (India) in 2012 and Vania G. Zuin (Brazil) in 2014.

Nominations for the 2016 Prize must be submitted by 25 March 2016.

Each nomination should include a CV and two letters of support, plus a brief summary of accomplishments illustrating the contributions of the applicant to research in Green Chemistry. Examples of research topics that are covered by the prize include:

‧Atmospheric Chemistry
‧Use of Alternative Feedstocks
‧Use of Innocuous Reagents
‧Employing Natural Processes
‧Use of Alternative Solvents
‧Design of Safer Chemicals
‧Developing Alternative Reaction Conditions
‧Minimizing Energy Consumption

the online submission form:

The Selection Committee comprises the Chair of IUPAC Committee on Chemical Research Applied to World Needs, CHEMRAWN, the President of the Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry Division, and the Chair of the Subcommittee on Green Chemistry.

The next award will be presented at the 6th IUPAC International Conference on Green Chemistry, 4-8 September 2016, Venice, Italy
<www.greeniupac2016.eu>. The winner will be asked to give a lecture on that Conference.

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  • International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC)
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  • 2016-chemrawn-vii-prize@iupac.org