2023-02-17 ~ 2023-03-17

IUPAC 發布 Pure and Applied Chemistry 期刊未來發展策略意見問卷調查

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  • 2023-02-17 ~ 2023-03-17
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  • 2023-02-17 ~ 2023-03-17
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國際純化學暨應用化學聯合會(IUPAC)旗下的 Pure and Applied Chemistry(PAC)期刊,目前為了制定此期刊未來的發展策略與營運方針,發布了建議徵集問卷調查,填寫截止日期為 3 月 17 日,誠摯邀請提供寶貴意見,感謝您對 IUPAC 的支持!

IUPAC Strategic Review - Pure and Applied Chemistry (PAC) Survey

Pure and Applied Chemistry (PAC), the flagship journal of IUPAC, is undergoing a strategic review. The goal is to evaluate the purpose and direction of PAC to ensure that it meets the ever-changing needs and expectations of its authors and readers and contributes fully to the IUPAC vision and mission.

PAC was launched in 1960 with a specific purpose: to publish works that emerge from the international scientific events and projects that are sponsored and undertaken by IUPAC. The objectives of the journal are to publish:

 .Papers based upon authoritative lectures presented at IUPAC-sponsored conferences, symposia, and workshops.
 .Papers or collections of papers by invitation, as special topic features.
 .IUPAC Recommendations on nomenclature, symbols, and units.
 .IUPAC Technical Reports on standardization, recommended procedures, collaborative studies, data compilations, etc.

With dramatic changes in scholarly publishing and emerging initiatives in Open Science, is a new future direction warranted? Should the journal’s purpose and scope change? Who is the target audience and what does IUPAC provide that is unique? Should there be a new format? Etc.

A survey has been posted at: https://www.research.net/r/PAC_3
The due date for completion is March 17, 2023. Any assistance that you can provide will be gratefully appreciated.