Frequently asked questions may help a contributor or a visitor better understand our journal.

Questions regarding the registration:

Q1-1: Why should I register a login and password for submission in JCCS?

A1-1: Each author should register a login and password before submitting manuscript(s). With the login and the password, you can easily use in submitting manuscript(s), accessing the current status of the submitted mansucript(s), and uploading the revised manuscript(s) if revision is necessary. Registration is free of charge, only a click here. As soon as you finish the registration, you can start submitting a manuscript online with your login and password.

Q1-2: I have forgotten my login.

A1-2: A one-time confirmation regarding your login and password will be sent after you complete the registration, be sure to keep it for later use. If you are unsure of the login or forget the login, please email to the Office for help.

Q1-3: I have forgotten my password.

A1-3: Please reapply here, the system will automatically send you a new password. If you encounter problem on applying a new password, please email to the Office for help.

Questions regarding the submission:

Q2-1: What is the scope does JCCS include?

A2-1: The Journal of the Chinese Chemical Society (ISSN: 0009-4536; Online ISSN: 2192-6549), established in 1954, is published monthly (12 issues per year) by The Chemical Society located in Taipei, Taiwan, Roc. The scope of the journal contains all aspects of original chemical research including six major chemical researches: Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physical Chemistry, and Material Science.

Q2-2: What types of manuscript can I submit to JCCS?

A2-2: A contribution may be submitted in the form of a full paper, a note, a communication, or a review article. A full paper should cover its subject matter completely including sections of abstract; introduction; results and discussion. A note or a communication should be less than four printed pages including tables, figures without necessarily having the separate sections.

Q2-3: What should I prepare if I want to submit a manuscript to JCCS?

A2-3: Please note that the journal will receive manuscript(s) for possible publication only if they have been neither published previously nor submitted elsewhere for publication. For the submission, please download the Author Guidelines before submitting a manuscript.

Q2-4: How can I submit my manuscript to JCCS?

A2-4: All manuscript(s) should be submitted through our online submission system. Before submitting a manuscript, the author is required to register a login and a password. After receiving the login and password, you can start the submission.

Q2-5: Will I have to include the CIF file if my manuscript contains crystallographic structure?

A2-5: Yes. Papers presenting crystallographic structure determinations should include the CIF file; furthermore, the authors are advised to pre-deposit the CIF file with mail to: and submit the Checkcif report along with the manuscript to us.

Q2-6: Will I have to include the spectral data (1H-NMR, 13C-NMR, and MS)?

A2-6: Yes. If your manuscript contains spectral data (1H-NMR, 13C-NMR, and MS), please provide a copy your original spectral data (1H-NMR, 13C-NMR, and MS) in pdf format of these products described in this manuscript.

Other questions:

Q3-1: How long will it take to finish the review process?

A3-1: On average the peer-review of each manuscript takes 30–45 days.

Q3-2: What and how do I prepare the revision for my manuscript?

A3-2: If you get notified by e-mail that your manuscript is considered for publication in the JCCS after minor or major revision, please go to the online submission site, login and read the comments made by the referees. Follow the guidelines (Section 3-1) carefully when preparing your revision – this might be important for the further editorial evaluation of your manuscript.

Q3-3: How long will my manuscript be published?

A3-3: Each accepted manuscript will be published first on our Early View after the proofreading. Then this paper will be in print within 4-6 months. For accepted manuscript submitted as communication will be published within 2 months.

Q3-4: Where can I find the published articles and/or issues?

A3-4: All of our published articles can be found and download on Available Issue.

Q3-5: I can't find the answers that I need.

A3-5: If you have any questions regarding membership, submission, revisions..etc, please write to the Office. You will receive the answer within 3 business days.

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